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Product Review – Safety Skin

The amazingly awesome Triathlete Megan Nikakis wrote a review on Safety Skin as part of ATEC, which unfortunately won’t go ahead this year, BUT, that doesn’t mean you can’t read the review 😉 . Megan is also an ambassador for Skin Strong as it turns out, a product that I LOVE too and as you guys know I won’t sell anything I don’t use and love! Without any further preamble have a read of Megan’s review below.


In the past couple of months I have been following the Aussie company Glimmer Gear on Instagram @glimmergearaus and admiring their safety gear, especially the numerous options for running or biking at night.

When I found out that as part of my duties as an ATEC Ambassador I would be testing one of their products I was super excited. So let me introduce you to Safety Skin Reflective Skin Spread. Its comes in an easy to use stick roll on and the substance inside has a chalky but smooth texture and is grey in colour. I must admit looking at this peculiar substance I started to have some doubt as to whether this product was the real deal.

But I pushed on and started rolling the skin spread on my arms and legs. It went on super easy and I could see grey parts all over my legs and arms. However, I was thinking “ok this is not working” and I haven’t put enough on” but then when the lights were off and the camera flash went BAM!!!! I was a Christmas tree!

So out the door I went off on my first night time run with my reflective skin spread. While I couldn’t see the skin spread lighting up myself, I am sure every car, cyclist and pedestrian saw me coming and probably thought to themselves….what the? Her skin is glowing!

I felt really safe running in the dark on my own and honestly believe this product is the best invention ever. Not only does it keep me safe but you cant even feel that you are wearing it. Sweating wasn’t an issue either.

The skin spread has certainly given me the confidence to train more late at night or early morning. I’ll  even be wearing it on my calves for my rides now as you can never be too careful on the roads.

If you train in the dark, this skin spread needs to become your new best friend/protector! Its now mine!

Thank you Glimmer Gear for stocking such an innovative product that keeps us safe.


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