We are all about supporting those that come and say hello to us and we love encouraging and hearing what is going on for you and your training.

Here though we will introduce you to our official Brand Ambassadors, we need to come up with a much cooler name than that, but it is a work in progress.

We love everything that they are achieving and accomplishing. We do everything we can to help support them and we love their ethos, that is why they are an ambassador.

Michelle Cooper

The glorious and gorgeous Michelle Cooper is our very first official ambassador.

Michelle is a super active athlete, and we don’t just mean she trains a lot, she is fully involved in her chosen sport of triathlon. She is a coach, mentors and supports junior, male and female, world championship level, beginners and special needs and para-athletes. Michelle personally races in Ironman and Olympic distance triathlons locally and around the world, averaging 10-15 events per year and is a self confessed late entry into the world of triathlon. Michelle is the founder of SBR Triathlon Club and completes 10-12 training sessions per week and more than 20 hours “on deck” coaching each week.

We love her for all of this and more! Being the first female Vice President of Triathlon Australia is just awesome and we love how super nice, honest and empowering she is, things we pride ourselves on being here too. In addition to all of this she is loyal, particular and purposeful. An amazing role model and speaker. Even if we can’t watch her compete in person we will always be there cheering her on as loudly as we can from afar. She is part of our family and we are so very proud to have this amazing chick a member of it! You can find out more about Michelle on her Website, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Better yet if you see her competing wish her well and watch her smash it out of the park. If you are after a coach you will want to get in touch with this amazing, encouraging and tough chick, she will help you achieve your goals!

Thank you Michelle for being part of our family we can’t wait to watch you achieve more amazing things and support you!


Bronia (Bron) Cameron

When you get the amazing chance to interact with Bron you realise exactly how awesome this chick is. She is super smart, motivating, positive and one of the hardest working and most passionate people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.

Bron is a runner, triathlete and takes part in more than a few Sprint distance triathlons throughout this glorious country. With a super busy schedule that includes 10 to 15 hours of training a week she is also attending University full time and works part time.

In November 2017 she will graduate from the University of Queensland with a degree in Sports Studies and Ancient History/History. Bron we think you rock!

We love her drive and want to support her as much as we can in person and virtually to achieve her goal of World Championship Qualification this year. She is one of the best and honest product testers we can ask for as she does most of her training in the dark due to her super busy schedule. Bron, know that we will always have your back!

You are likely to see her out and about training with the brilliant SBR Triathlon team or with her faithful four-legged pal Jasper.

Keep up the awesome work chick you are going to totally smash your goals!!

You can follow her on Instagram here or check out her webpage here.


Kel Walker

Kel is our very first official Male ambassador and we are so very stoked to have him on board! This larger than life guy has over 20 years of Defence and Law Enforcement experience and retired from the AFP back in 2011. He is now the Administration Manager at Australia’s busiest Golf Course at Moore Park (even though he is based in Sydney we won’t hold that against him 😉 ). Other than school carnivals Kel wasn’t into athletics but he did play lost of sports, a bit like a lot of us he hated the longer distances but was quick over the shorter ones.

Kel was introduced to the City2Surf by his current partner when he relocated to Sydney, I think it is safe to say that this is where is love affair with running really started. This is where we let Kel’s bio speak for itself 🙂

“When I relocated to Sydney I met my current partner and she introduced me to the City2Surf. At the time I was refereeing A grade Rugby League in NSW and was reasonably fit allowing me to complete the distance in 1:36’31. The competitive nature within me generated the desire to improve my times each year resulting in a new PB this year of 1:14’23. I am still chasing the elusive sub 70 minutes to progress into the red starting group.

About 3 years ago now I was training at Vision Personal Training and my trainer asked what my goal was. At that time it was to run a half marathon. I ended up running my first half marathon in the Blackmores Running Festival in a time of 2:03’54. Since then I have now completed three half marathons with another in a couple of weeks. After the race my trainer said ‘What’s next?’ So I said let’s do a marathon. I ran my first marathon on the Gold Coast in 2015 with a time of 4:59’14. It was such a challenge but I ran the full distance. Unfortunately I was in a lot of pain at the finish that I didn’t really appreciate it and said to myself NEVER AGAIN. Whilst waiting at the airport that night to fly back to Sydney I was chatting to another runner who was off to another marathon the following weekend. He said ‘If you complete one marathon, you are a ‘Bucket List’ runner. However if you complete two or more you are a Marathoner!’ This really resonated with me so I went back to my personal trainer and said lets train to qualify for the TCS New York Marathon at the age of 50.

Since then I have built a support team that is helping me to achieve this goal. It is a massive challenge and will take a lot of work. At the time of writing this the qualifying time for a 50 year old at New York Marathon is 3:14’00 and that means I need to drop my marathon time by an hour 45 minutes. With the help of my coach, the running community and businesses such as Glimmer Gear I know that I can achieve anything. I tend to align myself with businesses that can make a difference to the lives of the everyday runner. Glimmer Gear does that for me. As my training has ramped up over the winter period I would often be out there running in the Dark around the Streets of Leichhardt. Glimmer Gear makes sure that vehicles and other runners can see me coming well in advance and ensures my safety.

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this amazing product that helps keep us all safe.”

I can safely say that I think your history in the Defence and Law Enforcement will serve you well in you stripping of your marathon time mate. We are so very excited to have you on board and can’t wait to help you achieve your goal/s!! I have no doubt you will make it and I very much look forward to being able to cheer you on and keep you safe!

You can follow Kel’s journey on Instagram here.